Port Horizon

Unity 101 Community Radio's Port Horizon Project seeks to show that our nations, our people, have contributed a great deal to Britain and to Southampton over many years. This relates to all our communities, whether from India, Jamaica, Poland etc and we use unique war time Merchant Navy records only held in Southampton Archives to show our contribution and sacrifice at times of greatest need for Britain.

We are looking at eight communities and need involvement from them. They are Indian, Polish, Bangladeshi, Greek, Pakistani, Somali and people from the Caribbean and China.

What the Project will do?

Obviously we will have web site and social media so that we can educate, share and interact with people, but we will also create 28 radio programs discussing the creation of our nations, our journey which will include contributions from local people sharing their experiences. Also we will work with education establishments to provide the information resource they need to teach students about our nations and people.

What can you do?

We need volunteers to help make the project a success. They will receive training and knowledge that will help them in the future.

What will you gain?

If you want learn about the country you or your family came from, trace ancestors, or just have more knowledge so you can explain to others about your culture, the project will help you. We can even help you to share your experiences with others by recording interviews and displaying your old pictures on our web site or face book.